Best Weekender Bag For Men -

Best Weekender Bag For Men -

July 14, 2017

Weekender Bag For MenWeekender bags, or duffel bags as some call them, are massively underrated. Not only are they perfectly sized while still being able to carry your stuff, they are also highly fashionable. Besides, the fashion/style aspect is what really matters for some. Although weekender bags are designed in a compact, streamlined way to avoid being clunky and in-your-face, most of them are spacious like you wouldn’t believe, and they even give you the added luxury of not really having to pack your clothes neatly. Basically, they are a traveler’s dream. They can be used to pack clothes, documents, gym wear, and even wads of money, with their versatility being one of their advantages. There are also many different brands and types. But first, what constitutes a good weekender bag for men ?

First, you need to know what deserves to be called a good duffel bag. A good men’s weekender bag, for instance, is one that doesn’t look too big on the outside but is almost unbelievably roomy on the inside. If it doesn’t have enough space to hold even a reasonable amount of stuff then it’s no good for most people. Whether you are packing your gym clothes for a session or packing for a business trip, space is pivotal. The good duffel bags often come with a number of pockets on the outside which make it relatively easier to organize your things. Because of this kind of design, you can place all your electronics, for example, in one pocket, and all your files in another. Simple yet incredibly efficient. It makes things easier on you, especially when you are travelling on planes.
A good weekender bag for men must also be inconspicuous. That is, the size should be reasonable, and it should be designed in a lean manner. None of that painfully obvious stuff that catches your eye in a negative way. It must be fashionable, and the size is one of the determining factors in that. A suit cannot be deemed chic or stylish if it’s too big, can it? Exactly.

Finally, it must be said that good duffel bags are flexible. Indeed the reason why the duffel is so popular is that it is rigid. It holds this advantage over the suitcase, for example, which has a hard case. The way we go about our lives, hustling and bustling and moving around so much, it helps if the things we carry are also flexible. For example, with the weekender, you can simply squeeze it by you or underneath you when you get into a taxi. That kind of flexibility is indeed invaluable, especially for the people who rarely stand still.
Now on to the attributes themselves. A weekender duffel should ooze class, especially when used for short weekend breaks. It’s even best if it can add substance to style by having a quite roomy, huge compartment for one’s belongings.

On the price front, the perfect bag shouldn’t break the bank. Beauty and good craftsmanship doesn’t justify charging customers unreasonably even if the bag is made from high quality and often expensive fabrics. People appreciate good value-for-money products and they certainly appreciate brands that price their products fairly.

Weight also is a fundamental factor when choosing a weekender duffel bag. You might find yourself walking for extended periods of time holding the bag or carrying it over your shoulder so the lighter it is the better. The choice of raw materials is extremely important to determine this factor especially if the bag also needs to have top quality brass and internal lining to protect the belongings you will put into it. This factor is even more tricky when the bag is made of leather, which is by nature heavier than tissue or cotton. Luckily, there are some types of leather that offer all the good looks of leather while still being light enough to be comparable to non-leather fabrics.

Ask any prospective weekender owner and they will tell you that longevity and durability are non-negotiable when they are looking for their next duffel. We perfectly agree on that point. Travelling can carry all types of hazards and the bag will encounter varying surfaces and some difficult settings. It will also be repeatedly used, so sturdiness is a must! 

When designing our duffel bags, we definitely had all of the above as guiding principles to offer our customers something they would love to own and use and we are very pleased whenever we receive customer love back in the form of messages and emails expressing their happiness with the duffels.