The Rover II. review

The Rover II. review

November 01, 2016

The Rover II., The Modern Sikh review:

AS few weeks back, founder of Moroccan Leather bags, Mohamed, reached out to me looking to see if I would be interested in doing a collaboration with his brand. I took a look at his website and was greeted by a homely design that displayed the brands pride for crafting centuries old leather based goods. 

It was great to see that Mohamed is not trying to sell you just another bag, he’s selling you his own personal message that any bag you buy, that it’s made with the same pride and craftsmanship. Made from goat leather and 100% handmade out of the few remaining leather tanneries in the old town of Marrakech, you have to applaud Mohamed for sticking to the old world roots and traditions of working with leather. 

The Duffle Brown, that your seeing in the pictures is amazing in picture and in person. The most outstanding feature is the vintage look and feel of the duffle. All you feel like doing is touching the smooth leather and admiring the high gloss finish. Here’s a take away, when you unzip the duffle bag you can see and feel in inner hide, which is usually never the case because that is usually covered or line by another material. smelling the bag or leather can tell you a lot and this is real genuine goat leather hands down. The distress of the vintage look is the a keeper and a vital feature which many people are opting for because it gives the bag more personality. 

I think the packaging is very practical because mine came in a drawstring type bag with the Brands logo. I thought to myself, “Wow, thats really practical.” You keep the bag in the drawstring bag and in a small corner of your closet without having it taking up too much space. The drawstring keeps you from ruining the bag and leather. 

Now the fun part,the price! Going for $269.00 USD or your form of currency, the price is by far modest. Mohamed could have charged around $400-1000 for a genuine leather and 100% handmade bag  like most major retail stores. But like I said earlier, he’s not just tying to sell you just another bag. He’s putting his years of experience and craftsmanship on the line and sharing with you what true leather goods look like. 

All in all, to all those who are fans of real genuine leather goods, your search for a great a simplistically great duffel bag design is here. At a look at the website, link provided below, and choose between four bag designs. Follow them on all there social media handles.