Marrakech: where everything started | #citieswelove

Marrakech: where everything started | #citieswelove

December 12, 2015

Quite normal that the first blog post we publish is about the city where we are based: Marrakech, one of the main old imperial cities in Morocco. Beyond its positioning as one of the best places where leather products are still made, Marrakech has a rich history, beautiful climate and a welcoming vibe that only those who have been to it can really feel. 

Humans have inhabited the region of Marrakech for tens of thousands of years; however, the foundations of modern day Marrakech date back “only” to slightly less than 10 centuries ago, when the city started to become a buzzing economic hub connecting sub-saharan tribes to those on the north and all the way up to Andalusian territories, setting on the south of modern day Spain. The emergence of the city as a business, political and religious center attracted the best scholars, artists and, more importantly for our story: craftsmen from all over the North Africa, Middle East and Southern Europe region. Those influences have made of Marrakech the place to be for anyone who wanted to excel at their craft and have the opportunity and exposure to work on things few other cities in the world back then could have offered.

Fast forward to today, Marrakech is not New York, Berlin, London or any other current gravitating world hub, but walking through the alleys of its old town will implicitly tell you what this place was and the history of all the talented people who have, over generations, passed the torch of their passion and their craft to us. This is the spirit of our brand and why we feel it’s very important that the torch stays lit and that the products that come out of our shop stay true to the heritage of the very special place that is Marrakech.